NHS Oldham CCG

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) Transformational Plan Refresh (2017)

Oldham CCG recognises the requirement to refresh its CAMHS Transformational Plan and for this to be published by 31 March 2017 (and included on its website).  The work to refresh it has commenced with a draft plan drawn together – a ‘snapshot’ of the executive summary is included below.  There is a requirement for the plan to receive formal ratification from Oldham’s Health and Wellbeing Board (or for that Board to provide delegated authority to another forum for ‘sign off’).  Once this formal procedure is complete, the CCG will be in a position to publish its refreshed plan.


Executive Summary

This CAMHS Transformation Plan has been compiled by the CCG in association with its partners.  It builds upon the ambition identified within the previous CAMHS Transformational Plan (produced October 2015) for children and young people in Oldham requiring emotional wellbeing and mental health support and, as such, should not be read in isolation.  This plan has a particular focus on the changes that the additional CAMHS Transformational Plan investment has brought about over the course of the last eighteen months.


The Plan is split into a number of sections and has been written in a format that is concise, easily understood and (where possible) jargon free (following feedback from the young people themselves).  The sections include:

Strategic context (including across Greater Manchester and in Oldham itself); the development of a local Integrated Provider Hub (IPH) which will be a new approach for how mental health services will be commissioned locally

Demographic need which provides an oversight into the population of the children and young people in to Oldham, which provides the necessary information to plan services

The engagement section outlines the importance of continually including children and young people in the designing of services and includes an example of a pilot that is currently being undertaken

The local priorities section details the investment in each area and the progress that has been made to date

Services provided in Oldham to children and young people to support their emotional wellbeing and mental health, which includes the funding available to support them.  It also lists the involvement from the voluntary sector

The latter sections of the plan focus on who oversees the implementation of the plan; the groups in place to monitor its implementation and the benefits such services have brought to our local children and young people.


The Plan has been bolstered following the review by the Education Policy Institute to address the following areas: ambition, early intervention and governance.  In addition, the ‘transparency’ and ‘challenges sections have been strengthened.