NHS Oldham CCG

Your services

Feedback from you tells us you want better facilities, reduced waiting times, increased access to services and more choice – choice of treatment, choice of hospital and choice of appointment time.

So here in Oldham we are introducing these through local and national initiatives to make sure we meet the needs of you, our local communities. We are working in partnership with others to provide better and safer care, by delivering computer systems and services that improve how patient information is stored and accessed. 

Community services

Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust provides community services across Oldham, along with mental health services, which enable you to receive high quality care and support in the community or at home and help you stay out of hospital.

These services include:

  • Cancer and end-of-life care
  • Dentistry
  • District nursing
  • Health improvement and wellbeing
  • Health visiting and school nursing
  • Sexual health services
  • Learning disabilities
  • Long-term conditions management
  • Therapies

Find out more about community services in Oldham by visiting www.penninecare.nhs.uk

NHS Continuing Healthcare

This is the name given to a package of care which is arranged and funded solely by the NHS for people who have ongoing healthcare needs, but are outside of hospital care. You can receive NHS continuing healthcare in any setting - including your own home or any care home. 

In your own home, this means that the NHS will pay for healthcare, for example, services from a community nurse or specialist therapist, and personal care, for example help with bathing, dressing and laundry. In a care home, the NHS pays for your fees, including board and accommodation.

Infection prevention and control

The prevention and control of healthcare associated infection (HCAI) is a high priority for the NHS, the local authority and all health providers in the independent and voluntary sectors.

Many infectious diseases can spread within care establishments, where large numbers of people, many of whom may be susceptible to infection, share eating and living accommodation. Infection is a major cause of illness and can result in avoidable admissions to hospital. 

Protecting the vulnerable

Protecting children, young people and adults

If you are worried that a child or young person is being abused or neglected, or at risk of this, contact the children’s assessment team to report your concern on the appropriate number below:

For children under 16 years of age: 0161 770 3790 / 3791

For a young person 16 years and above:  0161 770 6599 / 98

More information

More information is available on the Oldham Local Safeguarding Children's Board section of Oldham Council's website. 

If you think a vulnerable adult is being neglected or abused, contact social services on the details below.  Don’t ignore the abuse, keep it secret or put off reporting it. You should take action even if you are not 100% sure that abuse is taking place.

Between Monday to Friday, from 9am until 5pm, you can contact the team on 0161 770 1515. Outside of these times phone 0161 770 6936

General support

You can discuss any concerns with the Adult Safeguarding Team by emailing safeguarding.adults@oldham.gov.uk, or phoning 0161 770 1532.

More information

More information is available on the 'safeguarding adults' section of Oldham Council's website, including: 'what is abuse?', what happens when you report abuse, support agencies, help with understanding vulnerability and information for social care practitioners.