NHS Oldham CCG

Summary Care Records

Summary Care Records (SCR) is a new way of storing essential information about a patient electronically, including details of allergies, current prescriptions and whether they have had any bad reactions to medication.

SCR is now available to doctors working out-of-hours at Go To Doc, staff at The Royal Oldham Hospital and also to staff working at many other hospitals across Greater Manchester. The aim is for SCR to eventually be available to doctors at every hospital in the country.

SCR means this information is easily and quickly available to health professionals who are treating them, which could prove vital - especially if the patient is confused or unconscious.

People who decide they want one, don’t have to do anything; those who do not want one can contact their GP to ‘opt out’.  People can change their mind either way at any time, by contacting their GP practice.

The latest security technology is used to ensure they are kept secure and confidential. Only staff involved in the care of a patient will be given access and patients will be asked for their permission before their record is accessed. In exceptional circumstances, for example if a patient is unconscious, the doctor may decide to act in the best interests of the patient and access their Summary Care.

For more information, patients can call the NHS Care Records Line on 0845 603 8510.