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This year we were involved in the MH:2K project, a Youth Led approach to exploring Mental Health. The project had six elements: 

Recruitment: Reaching out through local statutory and community organisations, we recruited twenty diverse young people to be MH:2K Oldham’s Citizen Researchers. 

Design Days: The Citizens Researchers discussed their views and explored key information on youth mental health. They identified the top five mental health challenges facing young people in Oldham as families and relationships, the environment and culture of schools, stigma, professional practice and self-harm. The Citizen Researchers co-designed a workshop template for each topic and received training in areas such as public speaking and facilitation. 

Roadshow: Over four months, the Citizen Researchers used the workshop templates to co-lead 42 events for their peers, engaging 598 diverse young people in Oldham.

Results Day: The Citizen Researchers used the information collected during the Roadshow to determine MH:2K Oldham’s findings on the pressures facing young people on their mental health. They worked with key decision-makers and researchers to co-create MH:2K’s recommendations for solutions. 

Big Showcase: The Citizen Researchers presented the findings and recommendations to eight-five decision-makers and researchers, from twenty-seven different organisations in Oldham and Greater Manchester, and further afield.

Expert Panel: From its very beginning, MH:2K Oldham was supported by an Expert Panel of key local decision-makers and researchers including representatives from Oldham Council, Oldham Clinical Commissioning Group, Healthy Young Minds Oldham, Oldham Youth Council, Oldham Sixth Form College, Tameside Oldham and Glossop Mind, NIHR Clinical Research Network Greater Manchester, Greater Manchester Academic Health Science Network and Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

You can watch a short video about the project below 

In total, the project had 29 findings, and 30 recommendations. Task and finish groups are being set up to look at these and improve Mental Health services for young people.

Click here for the full report and here for the executive summary. 

Urgent Care Focus Group 

This year we started to look at how we can make Urgent Care and Accident & Emergency work smarter for the people of Oldham, the first step to this has been listening to the view of a focus group on current A&E experiences and thinking about how we can make it better for all.....If you want to be involved in giving your views, sign up to the Health Huddle today! 

Wrapping Care Around You 2016 

In 2016 we held four Wrapping Care Around You Events  looking at the different work streams which cross between both Health & Social Care:

  • Children & Young People
  • Older People 
  • Long Term Conditions
  • Urgent & Ambulatory Care 

The workshops were well attended with both professionals and residents of Oldham giving their views on how we can work together to make our services better. 

This feedback was used to help inform the Locality Plan as part of the Greater Manchester Devolution transformation.

Below is an example of one of the word clouds generated from the event