NHS Oldham CCG

We want you to get involved in our work! We value the experiences and perspectives of people who are on the receiving end of the services we commission - you are the experts by experience who can tell us what your needs are and whether they are being met. We also feel strongly that local taxpayers should be involved in deciding how we spent the hundreds of millions of pounds of their money trusted to us each year. The NHS belongs to us all, so we encourage everyone to get involved in any way they can.

In this section of our website you can find out how you can get involved - its easy and you can participate as much or as little as you like.

Health Huddle

Firstly, we encourage you to join our Health Huddle. Signing up for this means you will receive regular updates about what we're up to and how you can get involved. You can specify your interests and give as little, or as much time as you like to being involved.

We offer opportunities such as: 

  • Online Surveys
  • Focus Groups 
  • Information about our public meetings (such as the Annual General Meeting) 
  • Ad-hoc activities such as citizens' juries, workshops developing new pathways, and panels to help judge potential service providers or scrutinise potential new innovations.

Plus many other opportunities to share your thoughts and experiences. 

Engaging at scale

We want to reach as many people in Oldham as we possibly can, although we know that not everyone will want to be an active participant in our work Use of Twitter to reach more than 6,600 followers – especially younger people who would be far less likely to engage with us by traditional means. Please follow us on Twitter!

Engaging at depth

To understand what is important to them and how they would like to be engaged. Targeted groups include young Asian men, remote Saddleworth villages, white working class communities and people with learning disabilities. We are planning on working with the Polish and African communities.

Tell us your story!

We are always interested to hear your stories, both good and bad, of using NHS services. Patient stories are regularly presented at our Governing Body meetings.  We have also produced videos featuring local people with long term conditions, talking about their lives, their care and how services can be more joined up.