NHS Oldham CCG

These are some of the ways we are working to involve patients and the wider public in Oldham:

Citizen Juries into Fairness and Urgent Care

Patient-led, deep dives into complex issues. Supporting patients to increase their understanding and develop their own lines of enquiry. Patients presented directly to Governing Body and Urgent Care Programme Board.

Wrapping Care Around You

Workshops to understand patient and carer experiences of both fragmented and joined-up care. Insights from this underpinned work to develop local integrated teams.

Social media

Use of Twitter to reach more than 6,600 followers – especially younger people who would be far less likely to engage with us by traditional means. Please follow us!

Targeted work with seldom heard groups

To understand what is important to them and how they would like to be engaged. Targeted groups include young Asian men, remote Saddleworth villages, white working class communities and people with learning disabilities. We are planning on working with the Polish and African communities.

Patient stories

Patient stories are regularly presented at Governing Body, ensuring that we always have the needs of patients at the front of our minds.

We have also produced a video featuring local people with long term conditions, talking about their lives, their care and how services can be more joined up.

Innovation fund

Patients will be represented on the evaluation panel deciding how  we invest money in new and innovative ideas to ensure this reflects the priorities of patients as well as clinicians and others.