NHS Oldham CCG

Older People's Mental Health Services

Services for older people are specialised to help diagnose dementia as early as possible, so we can support patients to remain as healthy as possible while living with the illness. Services can also support a range of moderate to severe mental health problems, such as depression, bi-polar disorder, delirium and severe anxiety.

Some of our services are based in community buildings and clinics, but there are also two  specialist older people's mental health wards on the Royal Oldham Hospital site.

  • The Healthy Minds service is for people over the age of 16 years, who are registered with a GP in Oldham who are experiencing symptoms such as difficulty sleeping, low mood / depression, stress, worry or anxiety, feelings of hopelessness or panic attacks. Patients can self-refer to this service using the online form.
  • Oldham Older People's Single Point of Entry provides an easy access route into older people’s mental health services by screening referrals, signposting patients to appropriate support and providing advice and information.
  • Oldham Older People's Community Mental Health Team supports older people with severe and enduring mental health issues, both organic and functional illnesses, with referrals coming via the Single Point of Entry.
  • The Oldham Liaison Mental Health Service brings together three multidisciplinary assessment teams: older people’s, alcohol and accident and emergency, to make sure people can get the right support, from the right professional as quickly as possible.
  • The Mental Health Care Home Liaison Team Oldham provides mental health care and treatment to care home residents across Oldham and education and support to care home and primary care staff.
  • Oldham Older People's Intensive Home Treatment Service supports people over 65 who have a range of mental health issues, when they have reached crisis point, providing short term treatment and close support in patients' homes with the aim of avoiding hospital admissions.
  • Orchard House Day Hospital is a service for people over 65 who have been referred into mental health services and are experiencing problems with carrying out normal everyday activities and hobbies, providing a range of therapeutic groups and activities which help people to regain their confidence and manage their symptoms including wellbeing groups and anxiety management.
  • Oldham Memory Assessment and Treatment service offers a diagnostic and treatment service for dementia as well as wide range of post diagnostic support for people found to have dementia, their families and carers with the aim of promoting early diagnosis of dementia and providing on-going support to help people live well with dementia.
  • Rowan and Cedars Wards are based on the Royal Oldham Hospital. Rowan provides assessment and treatment of functional mental health problems in older people and Cedars provide specialist care to people with a diagnosis of dementia who can no longer be supported safely in the community.