Wrapping Care Around You


Wrapping Care Around You – Patient Stories

As part of Oldham Clinical Commissioning Group's 'Wrapping Care Around You' public engagement events held in summer 2013, we spoke to dozens of patients about how we plan to redesign community services in Oldham.

Many of the people we spoke to had long term health problems, and were keen to give us an insight into the way they cope with their condition and tell us how the health and social care services they currently access are working for them. 

As a result, the CCG commissioned a short film which was produced with input from some of the patients and their families, giving us a real insight into their day to day lives.

The ‘Wrapping Care Around You: Patient Stories’ film, which is broken down into five individual patient modules, was previewed at the October Governing Body meeting, where it was well received and where several members also commented that it was a step in the right direction towards giving patients across Oldham a voice.

The CCG is proud to officially launch the film, and will use it as part of our wider engagement work across our established internal and external channels, to illustrate that the CCG believes that patients' experiences and opinions really do count. 



·         Liz’s Story – Multiple Sclerosis

·         Helen’s Story – Chronic Back Pain            

·         Frederick’s Story - Stroke

·         Claire’s Story – Diabetes

          Jacquie’s Story – Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease