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Share For You – Focus Group invitation

Your local NHS and social care services under the name ‘Oldham Cares’ are currently looking at ways to improve patient and carers experience of health and social care in Oldham by using technologies to share patient records across  providers such as the hospital; your GP and Out of Hours service.

You can learn more about the Share For You project by clicking here (External website)


Sharing your records means that health and social care providers can provide the best advice for you based on your history, help you make the best choices for your care and provide the best treatment options for your needs.

You may remember that we have held focus groups in the past around Share For You, and ran surveys to understand what matters to patients in the borough, the discussions in the groups and with local healthcare professionals highlighted areas that needed to be addressed before we could move forward, as well as the importance of using the right system to share records.

We are looking to hold a patient participation event to discuss the following -:

  • Raise awareness of the Share For You campaign
  • To understand how we can measure the change in patient experience following implementation
  • To agree how the public should be communicated with.
  • To feedback to the Project Board any issues relating to the sharing of records.
  • To see if we can identify Patient/Citizen Champions to help with engagement particularly in primary care.
  • Discuss how and if a public representative on the implementation board would be a benefit 


Our first focus group was held on Tuesday 19 February, 5.30 -7pm. If you would like to be involved in future groups about Share For You, please contact us on: 0161 622 6617 or email oldccg.hello@nhs.net


Update on first meeting 19 February:

Our first patient forcussed meeting was held on Tuesday 19 February, 5.30 -7pm at Ellen House.

The group was led by Dr Shelly Grumbridge, our lead for Clinical Director for Urgent Care, IM&T, IG Caldicott Guardian for NHS Oldham, supported by project manager Iain and engagement officer Carly Harper.

We had 5 patients attend the intial meeting and will be actively promoting future meetings and encouraging patients in Oldham to attend. 

The group discussed a variety of ways which they felt patients could be informed of changes to the way GP records including:

  • Letters to each household
  • Posters in local community and health centres
  • Training local community leaders and community development staff 
  • Newspaper Coverage 
  • Social media campaign 
  • Campaigns in GP practices

Whilst there was mixed support for each of these ideas, it was agreed that a combination of approaches was needed. 

Carly agreed to opull together costings for all suggested approaches and bring to the next meeting for a full discussion.

The group also discussed a wider campaign of education around who would be able to view medical records, the amount of information a clinician or smilair would see of a persons records and the reasons why ot would improve the experience of care for a patient. 

The group were asked how they would like further involvement project and agreed:

  • Regular meetings
  • To be kept informed of discussions at the implementation board 
  • To be involved in decision making processes regarding the project

The group were invited to attend a clinician focussed event on March 7 to understand more about the system that will be used to share documents and share their feedback with cinicians. 

Dr Shelley gives background to the Share For You Project 


You can see the presentation used at the focus group by clicking here 

Large Print Copies of all material was available at the meeting 


Our next meeting is Tuesday 19 March, 5.30 -7.00pm, Ellen House, Waddington Street, Oldham, OL9 6EE

If you would like to attend, please email us at oldccg.hello@nhs.net OR Call 0161 716 6617