Citizen's Jury

To help us understand patient views in detail, in August 2017 the CCG hosted a Citizens’ Jury on Urgent Primary Care with members of the public recruited through the CCG’s Health Huddle, social media and community groups across Oldham.

The Jury considered the evidence of four experts on the topic of urgent primary care and came up with the following recommendations to these questions:

What’s wrong with what we have now?

1. Services are confusing and seem to overlap each other.

2. GPs in Oldham are not providing enough urgent appointments.

3. There are not enough staff to meet demand and more use could be made of the voluntary sector.

What does good look like?

4. Accessible by good public transport and adequate parking.

5. Use of triage in Urgent Primary Care services and A&E to determine whether patients are best treated within the Emergency Department or an adjacent GP-led primary care service

6. Joined up care with shared of patient records supported by robust IT systems.

7. Services such as pharmacies and third sector agencies working in partnership with and located alongside Urgent
Primary Care Services.

How might we change things to make them as good as they can be?

. Triage streaming in A&E and the Walk In Service to ensure patients are streamed to the right service.

9. A strong programme of education for the public and staff on what Urgent Primary Care services are available, how to access them and where they are located, as well as training on self-care and treating minor ailments.

10. Good transport links to urgent primary care services, with the Integrated Care Centre continuing to be used as a base for the delivery of Urgent Primary Care services.

11. Urgent Primary Care provision should ultimately be 24/7 to mirror A&E with bookable urgent and routine appointments within each cluster area.

12. That the needs of vulnerable and disabled patients should be supported within any new systems of access to Urgent Primary Care

13. IT systems should enable the secure sharing of patient records between GPs and hospital clinicians.

14. A phone number to call which will help navigate the system for you (such as your GP number).

You can read the full recommendations from the Citizens Jury here and the response from NHS Oldham CCG here 

Watch our expert witness give their presentations to the Citizens Jury 


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