NHS Oldham CCG

Outcome of Consultation on Urgent Primary Care Services in Oldham 

Urgent Primary Care Update November 2019


The CCG published proposals for changing urgent primary care and consulted on these.  Over 2,500 residents shared their views, you can see the results summarised here. Based on what local people told us we decided in principle to go ahead with the proposals.

These involve ‘a number of Urgent Care Hubs located around Oldham offering bookable urgent treatment appointments’, in place of the Walk In Service currently operating from the Integrated Care Centre. However, our Governing Body also agreed the following additions to the original proposal based on the feedback in the consultation:

  • In planning the roll out of the model, Clusters should consider whether the provision of an element of ‘walk in’ access is desirable/practicable within the local Urgent Care Hub model in addition to urgent bookable appointments.
  • The communications for the roll out of the proposal should be comprehensive in scope and specifically target and reassure vulnerable groups. It should present the changes in the context of the wider ICO work and emerging cluster model.
  • Clusters should take into account the availability of both public transport and car parking in deciding where Hubs should be based, and potentially how many locations are needed.  This should form part of their conversations with PPGs and the wider local public
  • Clusters should consider steps required to ensure the process of making urgent appointments via practices is as easy for patients as possible and patients enjoy a positive experience of making appointments.

Since then work has progressed on refining the new arrangements to ensure they can be implemented safety and are clinically and financially sustainable. During this time, the Walk In service has remained open.

The CCG’s Chief Clinical Officer Dr John Patterson has confirmed that the intention was still to move towards the model of care outlined in the consultation, and the Walk In Service would remain open while plans for its replacement were developed further. This will involve piloting the new Urgent Care Hub approach alongside the Walk In Service for a further period. Patients will have the opportunity to be involved in the evaluation of the new model.

If the model which emerges from the pilot stage is significantly different from that outlined in the 2017 consultation, the CCG will involve patients more widely and this may involve a further public involvement exercise.


Consultation on Urgent Primary Care Services in Oldham


The proposals at a glance

  • A new Urgent Care Treatment Service delivered by locally tailored Urgent Care Hubs in each local cluster area, offering bookable urgent GP appointments
  • A single point of entry via patients’ own GP practices
  • A&E to triage patients on arrival into either emergency or GP-led primary care streams, based on their medical needs
  • A single care plan and medical records shared between GPs, hospital clinicians and other health and social care professionals.

You can read more about why we  consulted on these changes, what the options were and the ongoing challenges facing Urgent Primary Care Services in Oldham in our consultation prospectus here