NHS Oldham CCG

Over The Counter Medicines Review

Local views sought on NHS England’s recommendation to change routinely prescribed medicines

People in Oldham are being asked to give their views on the recommendation by NHS England to change how some medicines are routinely prescribed.

Last year NHS England completed a national consultation that looked at 33 routinely prescribed treatments that have limited clinical value or for conditions which will eventually get better of their own accord.  On average the NHS spends around £569 million a year on these treatments.

NHS England issued guidance following the consultation that is underpinned by the following principles:

  • Encouraging people to take care of themselves and their families
  • Stopping the prescription of drugs which have limited clinical effectiveness
  • Reducing the prescription of drugs available over the counter for the treatment of minor conditions such as coughs and colds

The survey can be found by clicking the link and will be open from Monday 4 March until Monday 8 April 2019.

https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/OTCOldham (External website) A full list of medications under consideration can be found here 

An easy read version of the survey is available here https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/EZreadOTC19 (External Website 

Click here to download the easy read supporting information 

Each year NHS Oldham CCG spends a significant amount of money on medicines that are available to purchase over-the-counter. Some of this cost relates to prescriptions for patients who have long-term or complex conditions, but a considerable portion is also spent on minor conditions that may be considered suitable for self-care.

The CCG wants the views of local patients, the public and other stakeholders on the NHS England proposals before taking any further decision on whether to remove these products from routine prescriptions locally.

If you would like a member of the engagement team to attend your group to discuss the review, please call us on 0161 622 6617.

Please take the time to complete our survey so that we can make an informed decisions based on the views of patients, public and local communities.

You can complete the survey, which contains further information about the conditions concerned and the alternative medications available, by clicking on the following link:


The survey will be open from Monday 4 March until Monday 1 April 2019.

You can find the Equality Impact Assesement (EIA) by clicking here