NHS Oldham CCG

Supporting you to be involved

Graham FoulkesGraham Foulkes, Vice Chair of the Governing Body and Lay Member with responsibility for Patient and Public Involvement.

Graham spent more than 30 years working in private sector health care, focusing on business planning and service design. For the last ten years he worked alongside the NHS in health economics and outcome planning.

Graham works to ensure the patient voice is heard when the CCG is making all decisions, alongside the communications & engagement team. 

To support our work with patients, we make full use of use the expertise and experience Graham and the engagement teams bring to the CCG, alongside resources from NHS England such as the bite sized guides, learn more about them here - external website, on the NHS England Involvement Hub website. 

The team will support you at meetings, attend events with you, if required, and also ensure any material from the CCG is available in an accessible or easy read format. We are committed to supporting your involvement with us the best we possibly can so no one is left out or left behind.


Oldham's Involvement Levels

This framework helps everyone understand how we are involving service users and other stakeholders in our work on a spectrum which ranges from communicating change, to fully co-producing solutions together.  This reflects that there is more potential to share decision making in some circumstances than others. By describing our involvement work with reference to the Involvement Levels, we can make sure everyone - both people who use services and those who provide them – are on the same page about what the scope for user involvement is in any piece of work.

At the Oldham Cares Alliance Board meeting in February 2019 we agreed to adopt Oldham’s Involvement Levels across the Alliance – including the CCG.  This means in future we will colour code all opportunities to get involved so its clear whether we are communicating change, inviting discussion, running a consultation or undertaking a co-production exercise.

This will make it easier for people in Oldham to choose the way they want to be involved with us – and hold us to account to make sure we are involving people in the way we said we would.

Watch out for all our future opportunities being colour coded in this way!

Becoming a Patient Partner

There are a number of training and development opportunities available to people who would like some further development both accredited and non-accredited. Further details can be found by clicking here - (External website).


How you influence our commissioning decision making.

The CCG has to make a wide range of decisions or choices – about what issues to prioritise, what approaches will best address those issues and how to deliver those approaches. There are a number of issues to consider when making these decisions – for example what does any applicable guidance say, what is the available clinical evidence and what has worked well elsewhere.

However it is vitally important that our commissioning decisions also reflect the preferences, perspectives and experience of people who use services. They have information which commissioners don’t – for example: what it’s like to live your life managing one or more long-term condition, how it feels to be supported though a degenerative illness or what would really make a difference to their day to day quality of life.

For this reason, all our key decisions reflect insight we have gained through a range of interactions with service users and the wider public.

Information on this website can be made available in alternative formats, such as easy read or large print, and may be available in alternative languages, upon request. Please contact 0161 622 6617 or email oldccg.hello@nhs.net stating which document is required.