NHS Oldham CCG

Together we're better: Our SEND Work

Together with Oldham Council and POINT (Parents of Oldham In Touch) we are determined to make sure the voice of the child is heard in everything we do.

Together with the Council, the CCG commissions a wide range of services – some are specifically children’s services (like Speech and Language Therapy), some are used by Children (like our GPs) and adult services can still affect children greatly (for example where children are the main carers for a disabled parent).

Today’s children are Oldham’s future. We want them to grow up to be healthy and happy adults, able to live full lives and contribute to their local communities. So hearing the voices of children is vital in everything we do. Some of the ways we want the input of Oldham’s children are set out in the special children’s commissioning wheel below.


First we need to understand from the experts -  children and young people – about their needs. Constituently we are told that mental health is the top priority and this has been reflected in our own priorities. We then need to work together with those who use services, or might use them in future, to design solutions. This might be a new healthcare service or could be something entirely different we would have not thought of on our own, like an outreach programme into schools.

When we’ve designed that solution we need to have input on how and where it should be delivered so it’s accessible and delivered by people who are child-friendly. This could involve potential providers making presentations to groups of young people who can rate their approaches.

We then need the involvement of young people in the setting up and ongoing delivery of services – for example on a Participation Group to make sure the service is delivering what service users want.  We also need the input from as many service users as possible to understand whether the service is continuing to be relevant, effective and responsive to help us make sure its working.


SEND Co-production in Oldham from Oldham Council on Vimeo.

This is why we involve children and young people at every opportunity as work progresses around the commissioning cycle. To find out about current opportunities to become involved please email us here.