NHS Oldham CCG

Children Under 5 GP appointments

Folllowing our engagement work with patients in Oldham around Urgent Care Services a two clear themes emerged around access to GP appointments for children under 5 and signposting support for parents and carers with young children in Oldham.

The campaign and supporting app were launched in June 2018, parents, carers  and health professionals were invited to attend the launch party held at the Central library in Oldham, 'Lunch for little ones' was served and our CLinical Director Dr John Patterson attended the event. 

NHS Oldham CCG have launched a website alongside Facebook and Twitter with information on how to choose the right care for your little ones, stories from other carers in Oldham showcasing the work of all the services that can support you and your children - click here (External website) to access the website, follow our twitter account and facebook page for regular updates and download a FREE app for advice and information on how to care for your little one. Paper copies of the app are also available from your health visitor 




The following clips explain how you and your child can be helped in the community to manage health conditions such as Asthma by our Childrens Community Nursing Teams