NHS Oldham CCG

Vision and values

Our vision is to improve health and healthcare for the people of Oldham by commissioning the highest quality healthcare services, provided near to the patient, in an integrated fashion and representing best value for money.

Our key objectives are:

• To improve the health of the people of Oldham

• To improve the care they receive and their experience of it

• To deliver best value for money by using our resources effectively

We have also developed some core values, which have been developed from those of the NHS Constitution and reflect the internal culture we need to develop to underpin our overarching aim and objectives.  Our values are:

Commitment to quality of care – we strive to commission high quality care for health and wellbeing that is individualised, appropriate, safe and effective. We assume accountability for the cost and the quality of the care that we commission.

Respect and dignity – we value diversity and recognise each person as an individual. We respect each individual’s aspirations and commitments and seek to understand their priorities and needs. We understand the importance of what others have to say and the importance of an honest dialogue about what we are and are not able to do.

Improving lives – we work hard to improve the health of our population and their experiences of health care. We value excellence, professionalism, innovation and a commitment to service improvement and doing things better.

Listening and engaging with others – we find the time to listen and talk where it is needed and make every effort to understand the needs and perspectives of others. We welcome feedback, learn from our mistakes and build on our successes.

Working together – we put our patients first and at the heart of everything we do. We work across localities, organisations and sectors to best understand and meet their needs.

Everyone counts – we work to ensure that we use our resources to best meet the needs of the whole community. We accept that some need more help than others and that our resources are best used in addressing the highest levels of need. We recognise that every single community and staff member has a part to play in making our communities healthier.

Clinically led – we are committed to the model of clinical leadership and engagement described in our constitution. We will continue to develop opportunities for clinicians to be further involved within CCG structures and decision making forums.

Being responsible – we accept that we must work within the resources available and put these to best use for the people of Oldham. We strive to reduce costs and/or to improve productivity to get the best value we can without compromising care quality. We recognise excellence but also hold our providers to account for the care we commission from them.

Employer of choice – although we do not directly employ many staff, we seek to be a responsible employer. We look after the health, safety and welfare of our staff while they are at work and seek to offer them learning and development to further improve clinical commissioning.

See also our Staff Charter - uploaded February 2015.