NHS Oldham CCG

Meet the Governing Body 


Dr John Patterson  Chief Clinical Officer,           Majid Hussain  Lay Chair of Governing Body            


Julie Daines 

Acting Chief Operating Officer / Executive Chief Finance Officer

Dr Ian Milnes  Claire Smith 

GP Member of the Governing Body, Deputy                        Executive Nurse Governing Body member    

Chief Clinical Officer, Quality lead and Executive 

lead for Safeguarding adults & Children 

Graham Foulkes  Steve Heaney 

Vice Chair of the Governing Body and Lay                        Practice Manager Governing Body Member 

Member with responsibility for Patient & Public 


Dr Andrew Vance Irene Shepherd  

GP Member of the Governing Body &  Practice Nurse Member of the Governing Body

Performance Lead 



Dr Mudiyur Gopi

Secondary Care Consultant Governing Body Member 


 Dr Zuber Ahmed

GP Governing Body Member, Caldicott Guardian, Clinical Director for MSK services 

Dr Krish Isukapalli

GP Member of the Governing Body