NHS Oldham CCG

Governing Body Meetings

Our Governing Body now meets in public once a quarter, usually in 'Assure' at Ellen House, Waddington Street, Oldham OL9 6EE. 

In addition, the CCG has formed a Primary Care Commissioning Committee which will also meets in public on a quarterly basis.

Papers are added a few days before each meeting:

Previous meetings


Majid Hussain, Chair
Graham Foulkes, Vice Chair

Dr Zuber Ahmed, GP member
Derek Ashford, Lay member
Dr Bal Duper, GP member
Julie Daines, Chief Finance Officer
Denis Gizzi, Managing Director
Dr Mudiyur Gopi, Secondary care doctor
Steve Heaney, Practice Manager member
Dr Krishna Isukapalli, GP member
Dr Ian Milnes Deputy Chief Clinical Officer and GP member (Quality)
Dr John Patterson, GP member
Anita Rolfe, Registered Nurse member
Irene Shepherd, Practice Nurse member
Dr Andrew Vance, GP member (Performance)
Dr Ian Wilkinson, Chief Clinical Officer and Accountable Officer
Kath Wynne-Jones, Director of Performance and Delivery

Alan Higgins (advisory)