NHS Oldham CCG

Governing Body - July 2016

NHS Oldham Clinical Commissioning Group
Governing Body Meeting
            7th July 2016 at 2.30pm
Assure, Ellen House, Oldham


Agenda No  Item Description Objectives/ Desired Outcomes Process Item Presenter
1 Welcome, introductions and apologies Verbal Chair - Graham Foulkes
2 Declaration of interests and any conflicts arising with agenda items To update the group Paper Chair
3 Involving the public Verbal Chair
4 Minutes of the last meeting For approval

Paper Chair
5 Chief Clinical Officer's Report To update the group Verbal Dr Ian Wilkinson
6.1 AI 6.1 ACMO Progress Report.pdf
To update the group Paper Kath Wynne-Jones
6.2 AI 6.2 QIPP Report.pdf
For approval Paper Julie Daines
Quality and performance
7.1 Intergrated Corporate Performance Report -
Appendix 1 Scorecard
Appendix 2 Risks

For approval Paper Kath Wynne-Jones           
7.2 ERFPQ Highlight Reports1 of 2
ERFPQ Highlight Report 2 of 2
To update the group Paper Nadia Baig           
Finance and Governance         

CCG Governance:

AI 8.1 Appendix 1 - Oldham CCG Constitution Version 0.5 April 2016.pdf

AI 8.1 Appendix 2 - 201605_Oldham_approval_letter FINAL.pdf

AI 8.1 Appendix 3 Change Log.pdf

AI 8.1 Appendix 4 - NHS Oldham CCG Corporate Governance Framework - April 2016.pdf

AI 8.1 Appendix 5 CCG Committee Handbook - V0.6 June 2016.pdf

AI 8.1 Appendix 6 - Greater Manchester Shared Services Operating Framework 2016-17.pdf 

AI 8.1 Refresh of Constitution, Corporate Governance Framework and Committee handbook.pdf

For approval Papers Julie Daines
8.2  AI 8.2 Forecast Financial Position May 2016.pdf
For approval Paper Julie Daines

AI 8.3 Board Assurance Framework May_16[1].pdf

AI 8.3(i) (appendix 1) Board Assurance Framework May 16.pdf

For approval Paper Julie Daines

AI 8.4 - Conflicts of Interest Guidance.pdf

AI 8.4 Appendix 1 - revsd-coi-guidance-june16.pdf

AI 8.4 Appendix 2i summary-coi-guid-gp.pdf

AI 8.4 Appendix 2ii - summary-coi-guid-coi-guards.pdf

AI 8.4 Appendix 2iii - summary-coi-guid-lay-membrs.pdf

AI 8.4 Appendix 3 - coi-case-studies-jun16.pdf

For approval Paper Julie Daines
Any Other Business

Feedback from Meeting
10.1 Questions and Answers Verbal Chair 
Date and time of next meeting
Governing Body Meeting
2:30 - 4:00 pm, Thursday 6th October 2016
Assure, Ellen House
Chaired by Majid Hussain