NHS Oldham CCG


Public involvement in meetings of the Governing Body


We are committed to openness and transparency and as such, hold our Governing Body meetings in public. These meetings are business meetings and are open so that the public can observe the issues and decisions; they are not consultative meetings, however, the CCG welcomes attendees and the submission of questions (see ‘Public Contributions’).

The Governing Body is responsible for:

i)              Improving the health of the local population
ii)             Developing primary and community health services in Oldham
iii)            Commissioning a range of hospital and community services

Attendance at meetings

Members of the public or other interested parties are invited to notify their attendance in advance either by telephoning Nicky Boaler on  0161 622 6505 or emailing nikki.boaler@nhs.net

Most meetings are held in the Assure room at the CCG’s Ellen House offices. The maximum number of public attendees at Ellen House is 20 (due to space constraints) and priority will be given to those who have notified us of their attendance in advance. On the day, please report to the reception on the Ground Floor of Ellen House 20 minutes before the meeting starts. You will be offered tea or coffee and copies of the meeting’s papers will be available to those who have notified us in advance of their attendance. You will then be taken through to the meeting.

Please note that the meetings are regularly held elsewhere around the borough of Oldham. This is in order to make our Governing Body meetings accessible to a wider group of people. If you are coming along please do check the location and arrangements with us.

You are welcome to make notes, film, photograph, audio record or blog the meeting, provided this is undertaken in such a way that it is not disruptive or distracting to the good order and conduct of the meeting. If you are filming or photographing the meeting it is requested that you notify the Chair at the start of the meeting so those attending can be made aware. Please avoid photographing or filming other members of the public in attendance.

You are expected to remain quiet unless specifically invited to contribute an opinion or question by the Chair.

Public contributions

Your question should be submitted using the pro-forma.  This should be completed and sent to: The CCG Chair c/o Nikki Boaler , Ellen House, Waddington Street, Oldham OL9 6EE (or emailed to nikki.boaler@nhs.netTo give us time to prepare a reply, this should be received by us at least five working days before the date of the meetin

Questions may be submitted by Oldham residents and patients registered with a member GP practice. They should be pertinent to the responsibilities of the CCG (see i-iii above).  Questions and issues relating to the individual care you have received should, in the first instance, be directed to Patient Services, email: oldccg.customercare@nhs.net or telephone: 0161 622 6400.

Complex questions or those which require particular research, or data retrieval or analysis may be deferred and answered at a future Governing Body meeting, or directly in writing.

Grounds for not accepting public questions include, but are not limited to:

  1. It would cost too much or take too much staff time to deal with the question.
  2. The question is vexatious.
  3. The question has previously been answered by the CCG in the last six months and placed in the public domain
  4. The answer could prejudice a criminal investigation or commercial confidentiality.
  5. The answer relates to personal data, which if released would be contrary to the Data Protection Act.

The decision of the Chair of the Governing Body on whether to accept a question, and how it should be answered, is final.