NHS Oldham CCG

Governing Body Meetings

Oldham CCG Governing Body meets quarterly, in public. Details of Meetings, Agendas and Papers can be found below.

Everybody is invited to attend the meetings and will be made very welcome. We can provide copies of papers in accessible formats and ask that you let us know of any accesibility requirements.

Governing Body meetings are being held virtually until further notice. For details of how to access the online meetings, please contact oldccg.ccgcorporateoffice@nhs.net for details.  Please let us know if you have any particular needs we may be able to accommodate.    

Papers are added a few days before each meeting:

Previous meetings can be found here


Majid Hussain (Chair)
Graham Foulkes
Derek Ashford

Dr John Patterson
Dr Ian Milnes
Dr Mudiyur Gopi
Dr Helena Mulkeen
Dr Nas Gill
Dr Andrew Vance
Dr Shelley Grumbridge
Irene Shepherd
Steve Heaney

Dr Carolyn Wilkins OBE, Accountable Officer
Mike Barker, Strategic Director of Commissioning / Chief Operating Officer
Ben Galbraith, Chief Finance Officer
Claire Smith, Executive Nurse