NHS Oldham CCG

About us

What is NHS Oldham Clinical Commissioning Group?

We are responsible for deciding how over £300m of taxpayers’ money is spent on the health of people who live in Oldham and the surrounding area.  

We are a membership organisation, with every family doctor in Oldham as our members. A Governing Body makes the overall decisions about what services to spend NHS money on. This Governing Body is made up of local doctors and other health professionals as well as lay representatives, all of who, had to apply for a role. 

All local doctors have signed an agreement with the Governing Body, which demonstrates their commitment to delivering our aims, objectives and plans.

Our commitment to you

Our vision is to improve health and healthcare for the people of Oldham by commissioning the highest quality healthcare services, provided near to the patient, in an integrated fashion and representing best value for money.

Our key objectives are:

  • To improve the health of the people of Oldham
  • To improve the care they receive and their experience of it
  • To deliver best value for money by using our resources effectively

We have also developed some core values, which have been developed from those of the NHS Constitution and reflect the culture we need to underpin our overarching aim and objectives. Click here to find out more.

How we work

We assign a budget and appoint a leading doctor, called a Clinical Director, to each health area we want to focus on. This is called a programme budget approach – and we believe we are one of the few CCGs in the country to work in this way.

The areas we are focusing on are: cancer, vascular (heart), elective care (planned specialist medical care or surgery following a referral from a primary care professional such as a GP), respiratory (breathing), endocrinology (glands and hormones e.g. diabetes), mental health, wider primary care at scale, musculoskeletal (bones and muscles), prescribing (medicines) and children and young people.

We have appointed Clinical Directors for each of these areas.The Clinical Directors are responsible for bringing together different people and organisations involved in their health area, including community, hospital and specialist staff, to plan and put in place the very highest quality services.

They are looking at clinical outcomes, the cost of services and making sure they are of the very highest quality and meet  your needs – and they will take your views into account.

In some programme areas, one organisation may be put in charge of the care patients receive from different health professionals – this is known as an integrated pathway hub. However, that organisation will always be accountable to the Clinical Director for the quality and cost of the care it provides to patients.

How will we make decisions about how to spend NHS money?

We have discussions and make decisions based on our own NHS and medical knowledge and experience; whether services improve health, whether they provide a good experience for the people who use them and whether they provide good value for money.

But we also make decisions based on what you, the public and the organisations we work with, say. You and your family are the ones who use Oldham’s health services every day, you’re the ones the money is for, you’re the ones who know where we could make things better. We’re the ones who want to listen. Click here to find out more about how you can get involved.

Who will make sure we are spending money wisely?

Locally Oldham’s Health and Wellbeing Board makes sure that the plans we have and those other people have, such as Oldham Council, will join together to meet the needs of local people. It also makes sure the different organisations which look after health and social care services in the borough are working well together.

Nationally we are accountable to NHS England which, among other roles, supports us to effectively buy, or commission, services for the NHS.