NHS Oldham Clinical Commissioning Group

NHS Oldham Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is made up of every GP in Oldham and is led by a Governing Body that includes GPs, other health professionals and lay people.

Our triple aim is to improve the health of the people in Oldham, to improve the care they receive and their experience of it and to deliver the best value for money by using our resources effectively.


  • Blood in your pee? Tell your GP

Pharmacies open on August Bank Holiday  

Be Clear on Cancer

Could it be cancer?

Blood in your pee could be a sign of bladder cancer or kidney cancer, which is why it's so important to see your doctor straight away. Chances are it's nothing serious, but you're not wasting anyone's time by getting it checked out. Call your GP today. Early detection makes it easier to treat. Seeing your doctor could save your life.

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Oldham Cares launched

 We're on a journey to improve Health & Wellbeing in Oldham by 2020, we'd love you to join us......

Oldham Cares isn’t another organisation. It’s a different way of working. It’s about joining up the gaps between our health and social care systems to make things better for people who live in Oldham.

Our approach is based around place-based ‘systems of care’ in which commissioners (the people who design services) and providers (the people who deliver them) work together.

Instead of working for individual parts of the system, the organisations will be working for Oldham as a whole and, at a more localised level, for the smaller neighbourhoods and communities where our patients and residents live.

Giving people and communities the power to change things will help us to get where we need to go.

Find out more by visiting the Oldham Cares website